Who is Antonio?

I’m an artist based in Chicago working in different mediums. With a BA in Graphic Design, I work hard to combine my passion for abstraction with the principles of good design. I dabble in just about everything, but currently focused on painting, photography, and digital art.

Why AbleArtery?

I started AbleArtery as a hub for all of my creative endeavors. I wanted to create something that would be future proof, modular as well as undeniably me. AbleArtery is not only a place to display and sell my work – but also a vehicle to share my journey, progress, and process. My hope is that visitors to AbleArtery find value and enjoyment from my art.

What does your art mean?

I move from one thought to another while I’m working. I use a mix of spontaneous, accidental, and planned ideas. My process and style aims to create a different experience for anyone who views my work, some might see my original intention or discover something new of their own and that is pretty great.

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